What is a Practical Solution?


Visualization, introspection, tapping, meditation, dream analysis, NLP and hypnotherapy…I tried them all and none of them unclogged my sink or made my sluggish computer any faster.

This is not a slight to the methods that improve our mental and emotional well being but rather a plug for the less mystical “practical solution”.

The word, “practical” has several dictionary definitions.  As “Mr. Fix-It”, I consider something “practical” to be an action, plan or method designed to reach a goal or solve a problem in real life circumstances.  So a “practical solution” is likely to be a feasible and effective way to solve a problem with readily accessible assets.

Even though practical solutions are often simple solutions, that does not mean they are always obvious to most people.  Some magic tricks are absolutely amazing and you have no idea how they were done.  But if the secret of the trick is revealed to you, how simple it seems when you see it again.


Do all problems have practical solutions?

I would love to say yes but that is simply not true.  First of all, would you agree that all problems have solutions?  No?  That is hard to answer.  I am an optimist so I might say that there isn’t a currently known answer to a particular problem but that doesn’t mean there won’t be any day now.

Medical and relationship problems are tough.  You tell the doctor, “It hurts when I push here.”  The practical solution: don’t push there any more.  That was a poorly defined problem.  “I’m losing my hair.”  Is that the problem or is the problem, “I’m feeling old and unattractive.”?

Whether you think your problem is easy, tough or impossible, give me a chance to find a “practical solution”.  Hopefully you will be pleasantly surprised.  You can be as anonymous as you like so don’t worry about being embarrassed with questions about personal & sexual issues or simply “dumb” questions.     http://midlifehelp.com/questions/